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"There's something pleasantly refreshing about Kitchener sextet adult recreation centre's debut release... The longing for a good ol' sweaty garage show with your close friends is heavily apparent here."

Michael Beda, Dominionated

"Top Bop Award"

classic_pepperoni_tony, user on Instagram

who we are

adult recreation centre was founded in 2016, influenced by 90s can-rock and the radio rock of their childhood. Artifacts, their debut album, was released in 2021 and their follow-up Driftwood, a concept album, was released in early 2023.

our sound

carefully orchestrated guitars, driving percussion, and soaring hooks provide the base for their versatile approach to rock. the band balances shifting genres and influences from their community, staying true to their Ontario roots.



Artifacts tracks the course of a relationship across seven tracks, evoking late-night drives when every moment feels like a discovery to seeing constant reminders of what used to be — the “watches, wallets, and paperbacks” that spark a flash of memory or a pang of regret.

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Driftwood is a concept album — a reflection on returning to your hometown. It examines how both you and your home have changed over time. The record is a love letter to growing up in Kitchener-Waterloo but speaks to anyone.

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take me... back to Driftwood

the concept

Driftwood was released in late February 2023. It is a concept album that reflects on the experience of having returned to your hometown and examines how both you and the place changed over time.

monotony + preacher

In advance of the album, two singles were released. “Monotony” is a song written at the height of the pandemic, but evolved into a reflection on the repetitive cycle of work, eat, sleep that is adulthood. “Preacher” is a song about a crisis of identity in the wake of sudden, drastic life changes. It conjures a sense of confusion and detached disdain for an idealized life, incorporating religious themes to reflect both cynicism and hope.


The record is a love letter to growing up in Kitchener-Waterloo. The production of Driftwood was supported by a grant from the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund. Their generous support allowed us to produce the album locally, in partnership with Canadian Daydream Studios. The grant also enabled us to hire local instrumentalists, supporting our local arts community.